move in balance (red - yellow - blue) 2023

NFTs / video clip series

move in balance (red - yellow - blue)

Iris Hoppe deals with various conceptual questions about the exploration of borders, which are of a mental or spatial nature, between people, art spaces and artistic productions. With her performative installation "Sense of Balance" she takes a critical look at the social complexity of ‘being out of balance’.

In her first NFT video series “move in balance”, Hoppe uses footage of a dancer exploring the Kounellis Room in the Kolumba Museum in Cologne, Germany.

With the help of specific digital post-processing of the dance video, she ensures that our gaze is simultaneously directed at the limitations of the (human) body and (digital) space.

The series consists of three short videos in the colors red - yellow - blue. They exist both as NFTs and as regular mp4 videos.

move in balance (blue & red), solo show 'Counter Balance', Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Ida Dehmel Art Award GEDOK, April - July 2024

Performer: Smila Vita Hoppe

Kamera: Rick Kam

Video post-processing: Jakob Gehrmann