Sense of Balance (part III) 2022

Video performance

Sense of Balance (part III)

In a choreographed performance on interactive sound sculpture Sense of Balance, the two performers show maximum attentiveness for one another in front of a clerical backdrop, with impressive body control and maximum concentration. The dialogical, coordinated movements let the audience feel how difficult it is to keep one's balance with one's counterpart.

Videostills: Sense of Balance (part III) 2022

“Our earth is out of balance.” With her participatory sound installation, Iris Hoppe lets us feel immediately that it is we who have to look for balance – some people even find that they have completely lost it. Because a digital sensor picks up the movements with almost millimeter accuracy and only controls the song "Silence" as a kind of reward when the seesaw come to rest completely and remain in perfect balance with one another.

Performers: Smila Vita Hoppe, Vincent Fuchs
Cameraman: Jakob Gehrmann
Video editing: Jakob Gehrmann, Iris Hoppe