Soloist 2019

Video installation / audiovisual sculpture


Solo show "Zeit(ver)lauf" / Course of Time, September 2019, Open Space, Kunstverein Leverkusen Schloss Morsbroich e.V., DE

Soloist (2019) is a wire figure rotating in a circle, reminiscent of a music box ballerina. The artist shows the portrait of her deceased mother on a dismantled video screen, which in turn is fed by a dismantled video player in the abdomen and vagina of the wire figure.

The old folk song "Thoughts are free" sounds from the loudspeakers, the ears of the figure. A hymn of resistance. Duration 10 min. loop.

The rotating video sculpture projects fragments from the artist's private video archive onto the surrounding walls. Memories that arose in her as she sorted her mother's estate. The complex installation contains many details that, in combination with the projected images and the music, trigger complex associations.

Video documentation: Solo exhibition Grenzzirkel 2020 at Raum für Gäste in Aachen, DE